Coaster Center Flower 6 Pieces

Material: MDF
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Wooden Coasters

Stylish coasters for drinking glasses and cups. Protect your table in a sustainable way with coasters from Sweet Home Trends. The coasters are carefully handmade in our workshop, with an eye for detail. With a wide choice of different shapes and patterns, there is a suitable coaster for everyone. So take a look at our Coaster Collection

Dimensions coasters: 10.5 cm x 0.4 cm.

Material choices:
Birch wood

Cardboard and Paper, we avoid plastics and other polluting materials as much as possible. So that we get the products to your home as sustainably as possible.

Maintenance on your Coasters:
Do you want to clean the coasters? You can do that easily with a damp cloth. Wooden coasters are not dishwasher safe. The product can be damaged by prolonged exposure to hot water.

About us
The raw materials of our products come from trees. These trees come from managed forests known for their carbon capture for cleaner air. We work with FSC wood, which ensures that they are obtained sustainably. Everything is handmade with us, so we can customize products to your liking.

To ask?
Have you received questions about one of our products? Please feel free to contact us. You can send an email to or you can reach us by phone at +31640053761 and you can chat with us via the chat window at the bottom right . Or simply fill in our contact form . We are happy to help you!