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Do you want to furnish your home with
cosy, sustainable home accessories? Then choose the unique, wooden tea light holders from Sweet Home Trends. All our tea light holders are made from responsible, sustainable wood. In addition, the handmade tea lights are provided with beautiful, cut-out designs, creating a sparkling
lighting and a warm atmosphere. Unique, attractive and sustainable. In our workshop with solar panels. This means that we only use green electricity. Sweet Home Trends therefore considers sustainability to be of paramount importance. View all sustainable wooden lamps from Sweet Home Trends! Let our sparkling lighting create a warm atmosphere in your home. Unique, atmospheric and sustainable and a wide choice of styles.


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Winter Tree waxinelichthouder hout MDFWinter Tree waxinelichthouder hout MDF
Tealight Holder Winter Tree Sale priceFrom €9,95
Robotic flower houten waxinelichthouder MDFRobotic flower houten waxinelichthouder MDF
Tealight Holder Robotic flower Sale priceFrom €9,95
tropical leaves houten waxinelichthouder MDFtropical leaves houten waxinelichthouder MDF
Tealight Holder Tropical Leaves Sale priceFrom €9,95
Leave vines houten waxinelichthouder MDFLeave vines houten waxinelichthouder MDF
Tealight Holder Leave vines Sale priceFrom €9,95
Twisted Droplets waxinelichthouder hout MDFTwisted Droplets waxinelichthouder hout MDF
Tealight Holder Twisted Droplets Sale priceFrom €9,95
Chopped Circles waxinelichthouder hout MDFChopped Circles houten waxinelichthouder MDF
Tealight Holder Chopped Circles Sale priceFrom €9,95
houten waxinelichthouder Splash MDFhouten waxinelichthouder Splash MDF
Tealight Holder Splash Sale priceFrom €9,95
houten waxinelichthouder Tree MDFhouten waxinelichthouder Tree MDF
Tealight Holder Tree Sale priceFrom €9,95
waxinelichthouder hout vernoi MDFwaxinelichthouder hout vernoi MDF
Tealight Holder Vernoi Sale priceFrom €9,95
waxinelichthouder hout  Connected L MDFwaxinelichthouder hout  Connected L MDF
Tealight Holder Connected L Sale priceFrom €9,95

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With our unique, sustainable tea light holders from
wood you can easily and quickly create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home. In addition to our
tealights you will also find natural, wooden coasters , fixtures and wall decoration in our webshop.
All our products are made from responsible FSC-certified wood
and are handmade in a sustainable workshop equipped with solar panels.
Give your home more atmosphere and order your responsible, sustainable home accessories
simple and fast online at Sweet Home Trends .