Lotus Flower Mandala

Colour: Gold - Silver
Size: Small 30 x 30 cm
Sale price€69,95

Handmade Mandala flower

A flower mandala is a precise work with meticulously defined representation. We assemble the Mandalas with exceptional care in our workshop. More layered Mandalas are difficult to make. They demand high precision from the maker, as we call craftsmanship.


A mandala flower , and especially the center, can be used during meditation as an object to focus attention on. The symmetrical geometric shape ensures that the attention is automatically focused on the center.

The perfect place for your flower mandala

Simply hang the Flower Mandala in your living room, bedroom. Enjoy the depth, and the complexity of all forms that provide Relaxation and Balance. we deliver them assembled and packaged in a durable manner. All you have to do is hang it up or put it down.

Personalize your flower mandala

Do you give the flower mandala as a gift? We can add a personal text on the back, from a name to a message. If you want to use this, you can contact us. Or make a comment with your order, we take care of the rest.

How is your Mandala made?

Watch our YouTube video, in which you can see how a Mandala is made.

According to your own wishes or questions?

Have you received questions about one of our products? Or do you prefer other colors? Please feel free to contact us. You can send an email to info@sweethometrends.com or you can reach us by phone at +31640053761. Or simply fill in our contact form . We are happy to help you!