Geometric Animal Butterfly

Colour: Small 39 x 27 cm
Sale price€28,50

Geometric Butterfly for the wall

Looking for geometric animals for the wall? At Sweet Home Trends you will find a wide range of wall decoration and geometric animals. These wooden animals are very suitable to give your wall a unique look. In addition to your furniture, your interior needs various home accessories and wall decoration. These items provide extra warmth and are a must-have for every wall. The geometric animals of Sweet Home Trends are not only very beautiful, they are also extremely durable. View the offer quickly on our website!

What Are Geometric Animals?

Geometric animals are animals made of wood that you increasingly see as wall decoration in your home. Geometry, or geometry, is part of mathematics that deals with dimensions, proportions, and properties of points. Geometric animals are thus made up of a number of geometric shapes, such as diamonds, kites or regular polygons.

What geometric animals are there?

Geometric animals come in all shapes and sizes. So there is a good chance that your favorite animal is among them. Give one as a gift or place one yourself on the wall in your living room, bedroom or office. Our geometric shapes of animals are real eye-catchers and they match almost any interior. Moreover, they also provide peace and quiet, making these shapes extremely suitable for your bedroom, office or even children's room. They can also act as a source of inspiration.

In addition to a home, our geometric shapes of animals also do well in restaurants, holiday homes and even hotels. The geometric animals from Sweet Home Trends are not only a huge eye-catcher: they are also spacious and very versatile.

The collection of geometric animals from Sweet Home Trends currently consists of:

  • Geometric Animal Wolf
  • Geometric animal Owl
  • Geometric animals Deer
  • Geometric animals Butterfly
  • Geometric animal crocodile
  • Geometric animals Rhinoceros
  • Geometric animals Zebra
  • Geometric animals Cat

Dimensions Small:
Height: 28 cm
Width: 39 cm

Dimensions Large:
Height: 42 cm
Width: 59 cm

Is your favorite animal missing? Please feel free to contact us. We strive to help everyone as best we can. We are currently busy expanding our range of geometric figures of animals.

Wooden animals as design

More and more people are opting for wooden animals to complement their interior. And that is not without reason. The wooden wall decorations from Sweet Home Trends are not only beautiful, they also give your home a warm and natural look. All geometric shapes of animals are designed in our atelier.

Buy geometric animals at Sweet Home Trends

Have you become interested in our geometric animals? These wooden animals are ideal as decoration for your wall. Our geometric animals are all handmade in our sustainable workplace where we only work with sustainable FSC wood and energy that comes from it. Sweet Home Trends attaches great importance to sustainability and that is clearly visible in our working method.

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